Jeff Buesing

Founder & President of

Labor Group & LG Holdings

jeff buesing

liaison between concept and execution

The focus is on digital landscapes. The creation of meaningful connections between people & brands.

"I see myself as a conduit for the youth-inspired culture that fully embraces ideas and creative spirit. My goal is to find longevity in representing our culture by way of design and creative thinking."

Labor Group Founder Jeff Buesing

“With our February launch rapidly approaching, we are extremely excited to announce our partnership with Simply Better Brands,” said Co-founder of New Frontier Presents, Jeff Buesing. “It is our goal to align with strategic partners who are forward thinking, high integrity, customer centric, and looking for innovative ways to expand their footprint. As our health and wellness partner, the opportunity to engage customers through immersive experiences in virtual spaces offers another platform to build brand awareness and loyalty.” 

- Jeff Buesing on Partnerships with Simply Better Brands

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